Tips for taking Photos


Here are some tips that might help.

  1. 1)Your “main” photo should include the entire machine, see below for examples.

  2. 2)Use a high quality camera and use a tripod if available.

  3. 3)Take large format photos (and do not crop them), always send the originals.

  4. 4)Always take photos prior to disassembly.

  5. 5)Don’t hide flaws, they are common (small rips in upholstery, scratches on the frame, etc...).

  6. 6)Take multiple photos from different angles (include close ups of upholstery, weight stacks, etc.....

  7. 7)To the best of your ability, try to isolate each machine and minimize background objects.

  8. 8)Use as much light as necessary.  Natural light is best if you have that option.

  9. 9)Never send “stock photos” and say that your unit is just like this one.  I can not post these.

  10. 10) Clean machines prior to taking photos, especially if they have been in storage.


The overall quality and composition of your photographs is a critical factor to my success in selling your machines.

Please take the time and care necessary.